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G'day! I'm Nic Huzz 👋

Why did I create Nikigai University? Here's the short version:


In the year 2020, following a journey spanning 13 years of schooling, 4 years of university education, and dedicating 6 months to (unpaid) internships, I finally secured my dream job.


However, a month into this new role, I was confronted with a frightening reality: I failed to find any joy or fulfillment.


The convergence of this disappointment with the constraints of lockdowns propelled me into the depths of an existential crisis.


This crisis led me to devote the subsequent three years to a meticulous process of reconstructing my foundational beliefs, aiming to chart a more purposeful course for my life.


Guided by my fervor for continuous learning and enriched by half a decade of hands-on experience in program development, the concept of Nikigai University emerged.


Nikigai University is everything I wish school and university taught me about creating a life that I loved.

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How did Nikigai University come about?

In April of 2020, it was if an earthquake hit a city and every single building came tumbling down. However, it wasn't buildings that collapsed. It was my beliefs about how the world worked. 

It came about after I failed to find fulfilment in what I perceived as my "dream role". I'd design my whole life (13 years of school, 4 years of uni, 12 months of unpaid internships and part-time roles) to secure that role so when I didn't find what I thought was promised, I spiralled into an existential crisis. The questions of "Who am I? What's my purpose? What am I doing with my life?" gripped my bones.

In the following three years, brick by brick, I rebuilt my city of understanding and finally began living a life that I love.

However, it was a journey filled with anxiety and isolation.

Over those three years to find answers I completed an abundance of courses and coaching (40 to be exact, all listed below).

My objective with Nikigai University is taking the best of what I learnt to make that journey much, much shorter for you.

With the added bonus of making it an empowering journey full of joy (rather than full of anxiety and isolation).

Here's a list of all the programs/coaching I've completed since April of 2020:

  • altMBA

  • NLP Certification

  • Breathwork Certification

  • The Marketing Seminar

  • Write of Passage (x4)

  • Self-Knowledge Project

  • Compete to Create

  • Art of Living: Happiness Program

  • Art of Living: Meditation Course

  • The Science of Well-Being

  • High Performance Mindfulness

  • Brand Strategy & Discovery

  • Mike Mendel Hypnosis

  • Fingerprint 4 Success Certification

  • The Bootstrappers Workshop

  • Life of Leverage

  • Build Once, Sell Twice

  • Man Cave Academy

  • The Story Skills Workshop

  • Mojo Crowe

  • Cohort

  • The Secret to Better Decisions

  • The Writing Studio

  • 1k Challenge

  • $100M Offers

  • $100M Leads

  • Show Up, Glow Up

  • Game Changer

  • Learning & Teaching

  • Investible Innovation Program

  • Influencing People

  • Learning How to Learn

  • The Art of Sales

  • Successful Negotiation

  • Inspiring and Motivating Individuals 

  • Initiating and Planning Projects

  • Effective Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

Plus 1:1 coaching with the Human Periscope, Errol van Blerk and Game Changer Consulting.

It's best you don't ask me how much I've spent. Rather trust I've combined the best of what I've learnt, with my love of education compounded by my desire for no one to suffer as much as I did over those years.

My mission is for us to all live a life we love.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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