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Blue Skies

A program for people seeking fulfilment (and financial security)

Career Clarity

Career Guidance That is Grounded in the Biology of Fulfilment

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What is Career Clarity?

'Career Clarity' is a 2-week program for people who find themselves feeling unfulfilled, like a cog in the wheel or like their talents are being wasted in their current career.

After years of feeling unfulfilled in my career, I came to realise school teaches us the knowledge to work, but never teaches us the self-knowledge to help us identify what career to pursue. 

Consider 'Career Clarity' as the education to finally identify a career that feels purposeful. It will empower you to identify the role, industry and company that will bring you fulfilment.

Are you ready to identify fulfilling career opportunities?

How Does The Program Work?

The best way to view the program process is through this concept:

DICE Framework.jpg

In week 1 the focus is increasing our self-knowledge. Or as the image describes it we "diverge" and collect dots. We collect these dots through creating a life map:

Each sticky is something important about us.

Consider each sticky as a "dot"

Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 5.42.01 pm.png

In week 2 the focus is identifying opportunities. Or as the image describes it we "converge" and connect dots we identified in week 1. We connect these dots through the 'Nikigai' framework. The framework is based off Ikagai, a Japanese concept meaning "a reason for being".

Ikigai Concept

Week 2: Framework Template

1. Where you identify

fulfiling roles

2. Where you identify

a fulfilling industry

3. Where you identify

a fulfilling sector of the industry

Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 5.39_edited.jpg

5. Where you bring

it all together

4. Where you identify fulfilling employers

If you love visuals like me, then enjoy the visual representation below. Consider the "emerge" phase as you in your new career:

By basing the program off a framework that empowers you to identify your own answers, it guarantees you'll identify fulfilling roles at the completion of the process.



The Nikigai program helped me immensely build both the self confidence and knowledge to propel myself onto a fulfilling career path.
Nic's expert guidance helped me organize my thoughts and skills into clear boxes to see the vast possibilities that I can pursue.
From feeling completely overwhelmed and stuck to empowered and excited for life, I can’t recommend this course enough. I know now that thanks to Nic's unwavering support, I can create the change I want to see in the world.


This course is excellent for anyone wanting to learn more about themselves and the difference they want to make.
Since undertaking this program, I have began pursuing education to become an equestrian coach, something that has always been a dream. It has also opened up pathways to careers in line with my beliefs surrounding sustainability in logistics.


I couldn't recommend the program highly enough. It helped me to understand how individuals find career fulfilment and then uncovered what this looked like for me.
Some people take years to discover this but with Nic's support and through the frameworks in the program it made the process so streamlined and effortless.
Having just finished uni, I am so grateful I was able to uncover this before even starting out on my professional journey.


Nic is an incredible mentor/coach/leader. This course really helped me in understanding what my desires are for my future and career. It helped me turn a very general understanding into pure clarity of where I am heading.
Nic is extremely involved, caring and excellent at supporting you in anything you express to him, where is be about business or emotions. He has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and seen.
This course is for everyone and anyone who wants to grow in understanding of themselves, what they actually want and the confidence of getting there one day.

Tommy Dixon

"This program helped me clarify what I want and pick a career direction at a time I was spinning in circles"

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Passion Led Us Here

Free Goodies For Who Believe They're Capable of "Great Things" 

How does this Free Goodie help?

I believe formal education focuses on the knowledge required for a job, without ever teaching us the self-knowledge to decide what job to pursue. This Free Goodie begins to give you this self-knowledge.

About Me

G'day I'm Nic Huzz

In the year 2020, following a journey spanning 13 years of schooling, 4 years of university education, and dedicating 6 months to (unpaid) internships, I finally secured what I long considered my "dream job".


However, a month into this new role, I shocked to find I failed to find any joy or fulfillment in the role.


This disappointment was perfectly timed with the constraints of lockdowns and propelled me into the depths of an existential crisis.


This crisis led me to devote the subsequent three years to a meticulous process of reconstructing my foundational beliefs, aiming to chart a more purposeful course for my life.


Guided by my fervor for continuous learning and enriched by half a decade of hands-on experience in program development, the concept of Nikigai University emerged.


Nikigai University is everything I wish school and university taught me about designing a life true to my being. 


The programs empower participants to breakthrough the systems and structures in society that keep us bound to the traditional ways of living and working. They are designed so you find the answers to live on your own terms.

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