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A program for Audaciously, Ambitious Solopreneurs:

Monetise Your Mission

Create a system where you don't fight for every sale

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Next cohort in November.

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Next Cohort Launches November 2023

What is Monetise Your Mission?

Monetise Your Mission is a 3-week sprint for Heart-led Solopreneurs. It's for people who are keen to create positive change in the world but find themselves frustrated by people under-valuing what they have to offer.


The program thesis is built on a James Clear quote: "We don't rise to the level of our goals, we fall to the level of our systems".

The program is designed to give you the system to reach your sales ambitions. In three weeks you will go from creating your offering to acquiring customers. That's my promise.

Are you ready to monetise your mission and finally gain the traction you deserve?

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"We don't rise to the level of our goals, we fall to the level of our systems" - James Clear.  


G'day I'm Nic Huzz

In the year 2020, following a journey spanning 13 years of schooling, 4 years of university education, and dedicating 6 months to (unpaid) internships, I finally secured my long-cherished dream job.


However, a month into this new role, I was confronted with a frightening reality: I failed to find any joy or fulfillment in the role.


The convergence of this disappointment with the constraints of lockdowns propelled me into the depths of an existential crisis.


This crisis led me to devote the subsequent three years to a meticulous process of reconstructing my foundational beliefs, aiming to chart a more purposeful course for my life.


Guided by my fervor for continuous learning and enriched by half a decade of hands-on experience in program development, the concept of Nikigai University emerged.


Nikigai University is everything I wish school and university taught me about designing a life true to my being. 


The programs empower participants to breakthrough the systems and structures in society that keep us bound to the traditional ways of living and working. They are designed so you find the answers to live on your own terms.

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