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Align Your Purpose & Career

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After an existential crisis triggered by failing to find fulfilment in my "dream job" I realised:

School teaches us the knowledge required for a career, without ever teaching us the self-knowledge that helps us decide on what our career is.

What is Sprouter?

Sprouter is the career education I wish I received.


It's an 8-week program for people who believe they're here to create positive change.

For the people who believe they have a gift or mission to share with the world but find themselves stuck, stagnate and frustrated by their progress.

The Sprouter journey is broken down into two parts.

Part 1: Focuses on identifying purposeful career opportunities leveraging the Nikigai framework. The Nikigai framework intertwines the best of the Japanese concept of "Ikigai" and applies it to a modern business context. 

Through the process you will identify:

  1. Job titles by identifying skills you're passionate about using 

  2. Industries to work in by identifying problems you're passionate about solving

  3. Specific industry sectors by identifying people you're passionate about helping

  4. Specific companies you'd like to work for by identifying a mission you're passionate about serving

Part 2: Focuses on overcoming the three biggest fears that plague us:

  1. The fear of rejection

  2. The fear of not being enough

  3. The fear of failure

It does this through teaching you the performance mindset techniques that the world's best performers and athletes use. 

Are you ready to align your purpose and career?


What people who have worked with me have said

The Sprouter Process

Sprouter is a three stage process best visualised through the process of divergence, convergence & emergence:

DICE Framework.jpg


Collecting Dots

We start by gaining the self-knowledge school fails to provide us.


We do this by  "collecting dots". See these dots as all your life experiences. We capture these by creating a life map. Similar to the image below. 

The dots provide the basis for us identifying opportunities that are biologically wired for us to feel fulfilment.

Each sticky is something important about us.

Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 5.42.01 pm.png


Connecting Dots

After collecting the dots, we connect them into the four Nikigai passion areas.

These Nikigai passion areas are:

  1. Skills you're passionate about using 

  2. Problems you're passionate about solving

  3. People you're passionate about helping

  4. A mission you're passionate about serving

Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 10.15.41 pm.png


Taking Action

Knowledge without action doesn't serve us.

In emergence phase we dismantle the three biggest fears that prevent us from taking action:

  • The fear of judgement

  • The fear of failure

  • The fear of not being good enough

DICE Life Map + Ikigai.png


G'day I'm Nic Huzz

In the year 2020, following a journey spanning 13 years of schooling, 4 years of university education, and dedicating 6 months to (unpaid) internships, I finally secured my dream job.


However, a month into this new role, I was confronted with a frightening reality: I failed to find any joy or fulfillment in the role.


The convergence of this disappointment with the constraints of lockdowns propelled me into the depths of an existential crisis.


This crisis led me to devote the subsequent three years to a meticulous process of reconstructing my foundational beliefs, aiming to chart a more purposeful course for my life.


Guided by my fervour for continuous learning and enriched by half a decade of hands-on experience in program development, the concept of Sprouter emerged.


Sprouter is everything I wish school and university taught me about designing a life true to my being. 


The program empower participants to breakthrough the systems and structures in society that keep us bound to the traditional ways of living and working. They are designed so you find answers to live on your own terms.

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