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Blue Skies

Success Gamified

“You don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems”

Ready to create a system that leads to success?

The lifeblood of any business is their acquisition funnel.


Success Gamified is designed so you can (finally) create a funnel system that leads to you making the money you deserve.

How It Works

01. We Create the System

We design your funnel.

Identifying activities for the 6 stages:

Awareness —> Interest —> Consideration —> Intent —> Purchase —> Retention


By creating your funnel we can measure your conversion rate at each stage and identify any blockages.


We also gain oversight over your cost of acquisition.

(Hint: it will be waaaay more than you think)

02. We Measure the Execution of the System

We create you a chatGPT employee.

Gamifying your weekly deliverables.


Through calculating your weekly points ratio we measure your performance executing the system.

(There’s no point creating a system if you don’t execute on it)

03. We Measure the Success of the System

We Track Your Funnel.

We track your conversion rate and cost of acquisition at each stage of the funnel.


Success is when conversion rate increases and cost of acquisition drops. 

04. We Tweak the System

We Modify Your Funnel Activities.

Based on the conversion rate at each stage of the funnel, we determine whether any modifications to the activities you deliver are necessary.

We then repeat steps two, three and four until we've designed the system that generates the wealth you deserve.

Blue Skies

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Funnel Creator

A 90-minute workshop to design you funnel.

Price $100


Leverage Builder

Everything in the Funnel Creator plus:

Creation of a ChatGPT employee.

Price: $500


The Full System

Everything in Leverage Builder plus:

Creation of your CRM and a lead generator.

Price: $1,000

About Me.

I'm Nic Huzz and I love to build things.

My earliest memories at pre-school are of me building lego constructions to smash into my friends lego in our toy wars. Whoever's lego construction remained most intact was deemed the winner.


Lets just say I always built the most indestructible toy. 

This love of building things to meet specifications has led to a passion in my professional career to build no-code solutions to support business operations.

Some people love graphic design, some people love sales, I love building backend systems that interconnect and talk to each other.

After living as a solopreneur in Bali I observed everyone desiring the same thing: more sales.

The birth of Success Gamified is this realisation merging with my love of building things, intertwined with my love of games.

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Professional Experience

Investible: Investment Fund

I built the funnel infrastructure and customer relationship manager (CRM) for a venture capital company with over 100 investments.

Investible: Climate-Tech Fund

Due to the great success of the investment fund funnel infrastructure I built, I was entrusted to build the investor funnel infrastructure for a fund that raised over $50 million dollars.

Greenhouse: Coworking Space

Based on the success of my other two funnel infrastructure builds I was made responsible to build the funnel infrastructure for a 500 seat climate-tech coworking space in Sydney.

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